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Why Camp in Armenia ?

Camp in Armenia as a way to travel is rising its popularity. Camp is preferred not only by tourists looking for affordable prices but also by those who want to connect with nature. Crossway camp is located near the highways of Yerevan and Tatev, which allows tourists to continue their journey more easily. The Camp is located the center of cultural places, where its name comes from: Crossway Camping, your Camp in Armenia.


Crossway Camping was founded in 2013. At that time, the newly planted trees and the infrastructure being built in the desert had to create the look that Camping has today. In Armenia, particularly in Vayots Dzor, campsites promoting ecotourism were not popular. And so, Crossway Camping was the first in Vayots Dzor, which offered tourists a comfortable rest in the lap of nature.

Crossway Camping in 2015

Crossway Camping now

Camping Today

Today the Crossway camping offers sleeping platforms, tents, restaurant, kitchen, swimming pool, pavilions, laundry, parking, WiFi and other facilities for a comfortable stay. We also offer comfortable rooms with their own bathrooms and sleeping bus, which is one of the most creative amenities of Camping. More than 30 types of trees and shrubs have been planted here, such as Japanese red maples, pavlovian, silver deer, wisteria, etc. Additionally, the guests can taste the best dishes of Armenian and Oriental cuisine. Our staff welcomes all guests with great love and kindness. All the conditions are created to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable here. 
Welcome to Crossway Camping, camp in Armenia.

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  • +37498484414 (From Armenia)
  • +374 10101010 (For English)
  • Yerevanyan ave., Yeghegnadzor 3606