Crossway Camping Rules

The purpose of the campsites is to organize the rest of the people and it is very important to follow the rules of the campsites so that all the guests have a peaceful, desirable and comfortable rest.

The purpose of the Crossway camping is to provide a comfortable rest for each visitor. That’s why we set these camping rules and we ask all guests to get acquainted with the following rules before visiting, and to follow them when their are in camping.

  • Check in

    After 14:00

  • Check out

    Until 12:00

  • Car parking

    The car should be parked only in the parking lot.

  • Voice Controle

    Make sure that the sounds of musical instruments, children's games, etc. during the day and evening (8: 00-22: 00) do not disturb the rest of the other guests of the camp. From 23:00 to 8:00 in the campsite, including the bonfire area, it is forbidden to make noise, turn on music, speak loudly, etc.

  • Good neighborliness

    Be kind to other guests, respect the neighbor's private space, avoid the latter entering the private space. Turn off the bright lights at 23:00.

  • Cleanliness

    Keep clean near your and camping area. Dispose of cigarette butts only in the dustbin. It is forbidden to throw anything in the toilet.

  • Nature

    Take care of plants, shrubs, seedlings and trees growing in the camping area.

  • Animals

    Your dogs in the camping area should be the center of your attention, they should be non-aggressive և they should not disturb the camping guests. It is necessary to clean the traces left by the dog.

  • Security

    Make a fire only in the places intended for it: fire area, barbecue area. Smoking is not allowed in tents, sleeping areas, on the hotel bus and in rooms, as well as in public areas (kitchen, toilet, bathroom). It is forbidden to bring firearms or cold steel to the camping area.

  • Responsibility

    Crossway Camping offers outdoor recreation, is not responsible for any accident related to harmful effects of flora and fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.). We care about your valuables, but we are not responsible for any lost items. Please keep your valuables in the center of your attention. Damage to the camping property by the guest is subject to full restoration by the guest.


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