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Other Services

Swimming pool 

During the summertime, you can swim in our outdoor swimming pool, which is cleaned with a special filter. Vayots Dzor is known for its very hot summers and the swimming pool in the area of Camping will make your vacation even more enjoyable.


At your disposal is also a fully equipped open-air kitchen where you can prepare your own meal. We also offer traditional Armenian homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner made from the natural products of the region. 

Campfire area

Make your evenings warmer and friendlier around the campfire area of the campsite.

Barbeque Area

You can either make your own meal, barbecue or taste what our skilled cook has done.


Crossway camping also offers laundry and all needed products to quickly and comfortably clean your clothes.


You also have an access to our spacious parking area.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available at the campsite.

* All the above services (exc, the Laundry) are provided free of charge for all visitors.